IJmuiden Coastal Town

  • Project IJmuiden Coastal Town
  • Omvang 130.000 m2 of housing and facilities
  • Client Kondor Wessels Vastgoed
  • Ontwerp Current architecture+urbanism / DOEPELSTRIJKERS

The site for this new town is highly specific. It is adjacent to the natural beauty of a wide sandy beach, a nature reserve, the North Sea and a Marina. It is therefore a popular base for nature and water sports enthusiasts.

IJmuiden by the sea becomes a coastal town where people ultimately enjoy the nature, the sea combined with the raw and industrial character of IJmuiden. The aim of this area development is to realize, step by step, a highly sustainable, healthy and adventurous city by the sea. To transform this bare area to a coastal town we introduce special and varied housing, high-quality catering, shops, cultural and recreational facilities. This newtown offers the best of both worlds: the direct envionment of dunes and sea, as well as the urban Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

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