Three Villa's

  • Project Three Villa's
  • Omvang 250-300 m2 GFA
  • Client GMB Vastgoed B.V.
  • Ontwerp Current A+U

The three villa’s are situated on a historical site called Eemwijk Estate.The scale and situation of these new buildings will fit in the fabric of the surrounding housing neighbourhood. On the site a composition of walls make sure that each house has a maximum of privacy. Because of this the facade to the garden can be made completely open. The voluminous roof, containing the bedrooms is relatively closed. It represents the nighthouse covering the day-house. The three Villa’s are designed as an esemble by having a similar typology and the same use of materials. Still each house has it’s own unique character by having its specific proportions, floor arrangement and outdoor space.

Location: Park Vronesteyn, Voorburg
Program: 3 Villa’s
Satus: Design development