• Project Hotel
  • Omvang 18500 m2 GFA
  • Ontwerp Current A + U

The city of Schiedam decided to dedicate one of its most public and highly accessible sites to welcome visitors of the Rotterdam- The Hague region. New developments in this extension of the city center along the river Schie tends to become a new hotspot for the wider region.

The proposed hotel contains a rich collection of different functions. Apart from standard rooms it offers a sky-club, congress facilities, bars, restaurants and short stay apartments.
By giving the different layers of stacked program their own proportions a sculpture arises. This outstanding figure, a unique silhouette along the highway will mark the entrance to the city and disturb the monotony for the asphalt traveler.

The sculptural shape of the building will be reinforced by glazing the skin and thus creating a transparent, crystalline and stylish appearance. At night the glass will allow the building to glow and show its vibrant content.

Amount of rooms: 180 ( รก 24 m2)
Amount of short stay apartments: 35 ( each 60 m2)
Retail: 675 m2 lettable
Congress center: 1500 m2 GFA
Lobby/bar/restaurant/business center: 1400 m2 GFA