Housing cube

  • Project Housing cube
  • Omvang m2
  • Client la Maison Haute de NL. BV
  • Ontwerp Current A + U

On the outskirts of The Hague a unique early social housing district was built in the first half of the 20th century. The community is surrounded by protected nature and therefore isolated for further growth. Lately there has been some sustainable redevelopments of the social housing blocks.

The neighborhood is organized around 2 centers. One is commercial for small scale stores and one is social, consisting of schools, a play-farm, a community center, sports-facilities and a church. This church became functionally and technically obsolete and will be replaced by an apartment building. On the ground floor a community center will connect to the neighborhood.

The proposed building represents a wall to the street as well as a passage to the green plaza behind. Through the block a deck appears on the first floor, offering transparency and a playground for the residents. The top floor closes the cube by expanding the facade along the perimeter of the building, offering a wide view towards the city of the Hague and the North sea.

The architecture refers to the solidity of the traditionalist brick buildings of the historical context. The interior facades will become light to catch daylight and stress the connection to the social deck.

Location: The Hague
Program: 68 apartments and facilities and underground parking
Status: execution phase